An Officer and a Gentleman

An Officer and A Gentleman

Foley: In every class there is a joker who thinks that he is smarter than me. In this class that happens to be you isn't mayonnaise?

Foley: Mayo I want you D.O.R.
Mayo: No sir. You can kick me out, but I ain't quitting.
Foley: Get in to your fatigues Mayo cause by the end of weekend you'll quit.

Lynette: Damn You! Goddam You! Nobody D.O.R's after eleven weeks! Nobody!

[Referring Della Serra's haircut]
Foley: This here my idea of an ass bandit. Wait til the girls get a look at you scrotum head.

Byron: I'm out at sea three weeks a month and when I'm back at port I don't have time for this daddy stuff cause that's not who I am.
Young Zack: That's okay, sir
Byron: Wait a minute kid you don't understand. I'm too old for this. I don't care what the navy says this is not a place to bring up a kid your better back at that state school in Virginia.
Young Zack: I'm never going back there. They treat me like shit.
Byron: Maybe that's not for you to say. Goddamit! don't look at me that way what happened to your mother had nothing to do with me.
Young Zack: It did you said "You were gonna come back. You promise.
Byron: Is that what she said? That's a female lie. That's bullshit! That's a lie!
Young Zack: I found your letters. I read them right after she did it. You said "you were gonna come back for us". You said you loved her and she believed you. Your a liar!

Worley: Look at them bodacious set of ta's ta's.

Foley: There's not gonna be any liberty for you boys cause you'll be going home by then.

Topper: Who the hell is that guy?
Perryman: That's your momma and daddy for the next thirteen weeks.

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