The New Guy

The New Guy

Luther: High school is a lot like prison: Bad food, high fences; the sex you want, you ain't gettin', the sex you gettin', you don't want. I've seen terrible things.
Dizzy: Yesterday, an eighty-year-old librarian broke my penis.
Luther: You win.

Danielle: I don't even know what to call you.
Dizzy/Gil: BROKE dick seems to be popular.

Luther: You know those moments when a man makes a decision that'll change his entire life and he steps up to become the hero he was meant to be? This ain't one of those moments.

Glen: I imagine God having an ass like that. Did that sound gay?

Luther: If you're gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. Otherwise you'll be lined in chalk.

Nora: He's got kind of a... Brad Pitt thing going there.
Glen: I saw a little... Anne Heche there too. Does *that* sound gay?

Danielle: Carmen: more cheer, less bull dance, 'kay? You don't want guys stuffing bills down your panties.
Carmen: What panties?

Connor: What are you doing, freak?
Dizzy: Knocking you into the hall, and me into the history books.

Connor: I think I oughta go over there and kick his ass.
Danielle: That's great, because I've always dreamed of dating the expelled guy.
Courtney: Expelled guys rock!

Dizzy: The point is, today nobody stuffed me in my locker or singed off my ass hair.

Kirk: That is, without doubt, the sluttiest girl I have ever seen.
Glen: You have to do her, and while you're doing her, think of me. Okay that sounded gay.

Kirk: If anyone's lost a pair of balls we have found them. Wait, there's a name here. Dizzy Harrison, please pick your balls up and scrotum, that's balls and scrotum at counter 5. Music Store Employee(Seth): That's my microphone!

Dizzy: Did we give up when Pearl Harbor was bombed?
Football player #92: Hey, I thought that movie made money.

Luther: Sorry you had to see that. I've been in prison for a long time.

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