Next Friday

Next Friday

Mr. Jones: Hey, young man! You got knocked the fuck out!

Craig Jones: What's that smell?
Mr. Jones: Must be your upper lip, son, I don't smell nothing.

Suga: [groping Craig] Oooh, that's a fat ass!
Uncle Elroy: Alright, alright, alright, that's enough! Shit! That's enough! Now get upstairs and put some clothes on! Go on, now!

Craig Jones: Look, we cousins and everything, but don't be hooking me up with the *little* sister that's bigger than the *big* sister!

Joker: Count my money or party with bitches. Hundred and fitties or big ass titties. Count the green or get in between those titties.

Uncle Elroy: Hey Day-Day, that crazy bitch out there again!!!!

Mr. Jones: Now Craig, it's gonna be different living out here. Don't let your Uncle or your cousin get you in any shit. Now you hear me?
Craig Jones: Pops I'm grown now, can't nobody get me in trouble no more.
Mr. Jones: Well I'm glad you said that son, but since you grown, don't bring your black ass back home.

Day-Day: Man, look at them tig o' bitties

Day-Day: I got the BGs
Craig Jones: What's the BGs?
Day-Day: The bubble guts, I'm nervous and I'm bout to shit on my self

Mailman: So are you like a sports star or something?
Craig Jones: Yeah, I play for the Cucamunga Cracker-Killers. You want tickets?
Mailman: Hey easy bro! You don't need to call up your posse to do a 187 in my ass.

Craig Jones: Look, I'm your cousin an' ev'rything, but don't be hookin' me up with the little sister that's bigger than the big sister!!

Day-Day: Ancient Chinese Secret.
Ms. Ho-Kym: I'm Korean, motherfucker

Uncle Elroy: [To Craig] You family, I love you, you welcome to anything in my house. But don't let me catch you in my refrigerator, don't let me catch you with yo finger in my Suga Bowl, You feel me knockin'.

Pinky: C'mon, Young Blood. Don't kill me, man. I got a mothafuckin' girlfriend. I got a wife on the side.

[discussion about Day-Day's ex]
Craig Jones: Psycho, huh? She must be worst than Left Eye from TLC or somethin'.
Day-Day: Yeah, well, this fat bitch ain't burnin'!

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