My Girl 2

My Girl 2

Vada: Shelly's already told me all about about sex.
Harry: She told me too. I mean, she told *me* she told *you* about sex. I--I personally knew about sex long before I met Shelly.
Vada: I figured you did.

Vada Sultenfuss: Why is it boys talk so much, when they have nothing to say? And girls have plenty to say, but no one will listen?

Alfred Beidermeyer: UCLA. My Cardigan-Sweater period.

Vada Sultenfuss: Life's full of babaric customs. But I hope they all end with a kiss like that.

Rose Zsigmond: And you. I don't suppose your father gave you permission to pierce your ears?
Vada Sultenfuss: Not exactly.
Rose Zsigmond: Well, just don't shave your legs. Your father will never let you visit us again if I send you back hairless and full of holes.

Hary Sultenfuss: Your Dad's a paranoid nitwit who has never let his baby girl out of his sight for the simple reason that he's a paranoid nitwit.

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