Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Michael Collins: Give *us* the future, we've had enough of your past. Give us back our country, to live in , to grow in, to love.

Michael Collins: There was a man in west Cork who proposed to five sisters.
Kitty Kiernan: I suppose they all refused.
Michael Collins: Then the father died and he proposed to the mother.
Kitty Kiernan: Are you trying to tell me something?
Michael Collins: I was working up to a proposal.

[Michael Collins arrives at the ceremony to take down the British flag.]
British officer: You're seven minutes late, Mr. Collins.
Michael Collins: You've kept us waiting 700 years. You can have your seven minutes.

[As the British flag comes down.]
Michael Collins: So that's what all the bother was about.

Michael Collins: There is one weapon that the British cannot take away from us: we can ignore them.

Kitty Kiernan: So which one of you gunslingers is going to ask me to dance?

Harry Boland: What happens next time?
Michael Collins: Next time, Harry, we won't play by their rules. We'll play by our own.

Lincoln prison chaplain: I can't understand your politics, but I appreciate your integrity.

Michael Collins: I want peace and quiet. I want it so much I'd die for it.

Michael Collins: I hate them for making hate necessary, and I'll do what I can to end it.

Soames: The problem with the Irish is that they'll sing at the drop of a hat, but ask them to talk and they won't.

Cathal Brugha: The Minister is exceeding his brief!
Michael Collins: And what is my brief, Cathal?
Cathal Brugha: Intelligence.
Michael Collins: Actually, Cathal, I'm Minister for Gun-Running, Daylight Robbery, and Bloody Mayhem.

Heavenly Blues: We wanna be free, free to do what we wanna do. And we wanna get loaded, and we wanna have a good time.

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