The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded

[From the trailer]
Morpheus: I believe it is our fate to be here. It is our destiny. I believe this night holds, for each and every one of us, the very meaning of our lives. This is a war and we are soldiers. What if tomorrow the war could be over? Isn't that worth fighting for? Isn't that worth dying for?

[from the trailer]
Morpheus: There is only one way to save our city. Neo.

[from the trailer]
Agent Smith: Mr. Anderson! Surprised to see me?

[from the trailer]
[to Neo]
Agent Smith: It is inevitable.
Trinity: Like hell it is.

[from the trailer]
[Neo is flying]
Kain: He's doin' the Superman thing.

[from the trailer]
Morpheus: Death can come for us at any time in any place.


om the trailer]
Trinity: They need you.
Neo: I need you.

[from the trailer]
Agent Smith: Should we proceed?
Agent Thompson: Yes, they are still...
Agent Johnson: ... Only human.

[from the trailer]
[after seeing the Twins phasing]
Trinity: That's a nice trick.

[from the trailer]
Neo: What happens if I fail?
The Oracle: Then Zion will fall.

Neo: Ah! Upgrades!

[from the trailer]
Neo: He's found a way to copy himself.
Morpheus: So now their more of him?

Neo: Lots more.

[from the trailer]
Agent Smith: We have come here for you Mr. Anderson. To do to you what you have tried to do to us.

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