Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha

Miguel de Cervantes: "I'm a poet."
The Duke: "They're putting people in prison fot that?"
Miguel de Cervantes: "No, no, no, not for that."
The Duke: "Too bad."

Aldonza: "All right, you're a squire. How does a squire squire?"
Sancho Panza: "Well, first, I ride behind him. Then he fights. And then I pick him up off the ground."

Don Quixote: "...that I may dedicate each victory to her and call upon her in defeat, and if at last I give my life, I give it in the sacred name of Dulcinea!"

Don Quixote: "Dost not see? A monstrous giant of infamous repute whom I intend to encounter!"
Sancho Panza: "It's a windmill!"
Don Quixote: "A giant! Canst thou not see the four great arms whirling at his back?"
Sancho Panza: "A giant?"
Don Quixote: "Exactly!"

Miguel de Cervantes: "I shall impersonate a man. His name is Alonso Quijana, a country squire no longer young. Being retired, he has much time for books. He studies them from morn till night and often through the night and morn again, and all he reads oppresses him; fills him with indignation at man's murderous ways toward man. He ponders the problem of how to make better a world where evil brings profit and virtue none at all; where fraud and deceit are mingled with truth and sincerity. He broods and broods and broods and broods and finally his brains dry up. He lays down the melancholy burden of sanity and conceives the strangest project ever imagined---to become a knight-errant, and sally forth into the world in search of adventures; to mount a crusade; to raise up the weak and those in need. No longer will he be plain Alonso Quijana, but a dauntless knight known as Don Quixote de La Mancha!"

Don Quixote singing: "To right the unrightable wrong
To love, pure and chaste from afar
To try, when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star!"

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