The Leprechaun 3

The Leprechaun 3

Doctor: For that kind of money, we can run every test on him. We'll start with the A's today, we'll do the B's tomorrow, the C's on Thursday.
Nurse: We have golf on Thursday.
Doctor: We'll skip it this time.

Leprechaun: For doing that trick, I'll chop off your dick.

Leprechaun: Oh, what golden palaces, with plenty of riches, I'll rob 'em blind, these dirty sons of bitches.

Doctor: What I'm about to ask you could decide whether you live or die: do you have health insurance?

Tammy: Leave him alone, you son of a bitch!
Leprechaun: Now that's no way to talk about me dear mother.

Scott: Hello, yes, some weird guy just tried to rob me. Yes, and there's a leprechaun in your hotel, yes, a leprechaun. Hello?

Man in Casino: You see, this be a good luck charm.
Shopkeeper: Yes, and I see it's working very well.

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