Lone Star

Lone Star

Pilar Cruz: All that other stuff, all that history? To hell with it, right?

Pilar Cruz: All my mother does is work. That's how you get to be Spanish.

Pilar Cruz: I'm married. I'm not available.
Coworker: You told me once it was true love.
Pilar Cruz: Nobody stays in love for twenty-three years.

Chet Payne: So I'm part Indian?
Otis Payne: By blood you are. But blood only means what you let it.

Mikey: I did two tours of duty in southeast Asia and I was married for five years. I couldn't tell you which experience was worse.

Sam Deeds: Well, I'm working on a few things. I'm going over to the other side.
Ray: Republicans?
Sam Deeds: No, Mexico.

Sheriff Sam Deeds: You oughta put up a banner: "Frontera, Texas, gateway to inexpensive pussy.

Charley Wade: Son, you got a talent for stating the obvious.

Mickey: Are they gonna be okay with you being a white guy?
Cliff: According to her they'll be happy that I'm a man. Apparently they think any woman over 30 who isn't married is a lesbian.
Mickey: Yeah its always heartwarming to see a prejudice defeated by a deeper prejudice.

Pilar Cruz: Forget the Alamo.

Sheriff Sam Deeds: No telling yet if there's been a crime, but this country's seen a fair amount of disagreements over the years.

[In the middle of nowhere.]
Sam Deeds: Great place for a business.
Shop owner: Do you see much competiton around?

Sheriff Sam Deeds: I'm just a jailer. I run a 60 room hotel with bars on the windows.

Bartender: I'm as liberal as the next guy.
Sheriff Sam Deeds: If the next guy is a redneck.

Otis Payne: It's not like there's a line between the good people and the bad people. It is not like you're one or the other.

Indian Shop Owner: This stretch of road runs between nowhere and not much else.

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