Lethal Weapon 4

Lethal Weapon 4

Murtaugh: What the hell?! Who's this joker?
Riggs: I don't know, spokesman for the NRA, maybe.
Murtaugh: What do we do?
Riggs: Run him over.
Murtaugh: What if he turns around and shoots us with that assault rifle?!
Riggs: Well he hasn't yet. Have you thought about that?! Don't be a don't-be, be a do-be. C'mon Rodge, be POSITIVE.
Riggs: Good, I'm glad you see things my way.
Murtaugh: I hope he doesn't turn around!
Riggs: He won't turn around. We'll creep up on him. WILL him not to turn.
Murtaugh: Will him?!
Riggs: Yeah, power of positive thinking! C'mon WILL him not to turn. DON'T TURN AROUND, DON'T TURN AROUND. C'mon I need you man!
Riggs: That's it! DON'T TURN AROUND! DON'T TURN AROUND! We're better than him!

Lee Butters: Somebody took my phone number and called Afghanistan. Afghanastan! I've never talked to anyone in Afghanistan, I don't know nobody in Afghanistan, and even if did know anyone, I wouldn't talk to that Afghan ass for three hours! I won't talk to my daddy for three hours.

Leo Getz: Leo Getz, private investigator.
Martin Riggs: Ah, private investigator? Yes, Mr. Getz, I was just wondering if you'd be willing to investigate my privates.
Leo Getz: Investigate what?
Martin Riggs: Investigate my privates, you stupid shit.

Martin Riggs: So this must have been what Uncle Benny meant by Four Fathers. Looks like Japan's version of the Marx brothers. Let's see we got Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and uh, Fucko.

Riggs: You wanna get married, don'tcha?
Lorna: Yes I do.
Riggs: Why didn't you tell me?
Lorna: Because I didn't want to put any pressure on you, Riggs. I mean, if you want to someday, that'd be great; if you don't, I love you. I'll take you any way I can get you, Riggs.

Dr. Stephanie Woods: My time is reserved for police officers with REAL problems and REAL needs! HAVE YOU GOT THAT?! HAVE YOU?!
Riggs: Care to run that by me again?
Dr. Stephanie Woods: No! And do you know what?! I don't like you!
Riggs: Stephanie, I CAN'T go out with you! I'm in a relationship, I'm VERY happy. Now you'll find somebody someday, but you've got to stop bothering me!
Dr. Stephanie Woods: [painfully embarassed] You're disgusting! YOU'RE DISGUSTING!! What's the matter with you people?!

[Handing R&M their captain's badges.]
Capt. Ed Murphy: This is one of the most painful fuckin' experiences of my life.

[Looking at a corpse]
Butters: Ah, shit! He's dead, man! He's fuckin' dead, man! Yeah, this is how he wanted to come to America, right?! Where was he, in The Killing Section? This guy's been shot 4 times! At close range, like he was executed!
Murtaugh: He WAS executed!
Riggs: Yeah, by the crew!
Butters: What the FUCK, man?! We got people gettin' killed left, right and center in this town; now we're IMPORTING victims?! Hey, gangbangers wanna kill each other? No problem! You or me, one of us gets shot? Hey, occupational hazard! But just a normal guy, THIS fuckin' guy?! What the fuck did he ever do to anybody?! That ain't right!!

Murtaugh: What do we do?
Riggs: Run him over!
Murtaugh: What if he turns around and shoots us with that assault rifle?!
Riggs: He HASN'T yet! Have you thought about that?! Don't be a don't-be, be a do-be! C'm on, Rog, be POSITIVE, now!

Leo Getz: Hey maybe we'll work together some day. I'm da bomb. They'll tell ya.
Lee Butters: Yeah, we're gonna be working alright, as soon as I open a cereal shop, ya fuckin' leprechaun!
Leo Getz: Hey, I didn't call you anything ya fuckface! Don't start that now!

Leo Getz: They fuck you with cell phones! That's what it is! They're fuckin' you with the cell phone! They love it when you get cut off! Y'know why, huh? You know why? 'Cause when you call back---which they know you're gonna do!---they charge you for that fuckin' first minute again at that high rate!

Lorna Cole: Nothing comes between a pregnant lady and a meal!

Murtaugh: Since I met Riggs, I've had my house destroyed, my car wrecked, and now my BOAT SUNK!!

Riggs: I'll draw his fire and you run for cover!
Murtaugh: No! No, no, no! *I'll* draw his fire and *you* run for cover!
Riggs: What are you, out of your mind? You got a wife, kids! I got a lot less to lose than you!
Murtaugh: Riggs, I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but Lorna's pregnant and you're gonna be a father!
Riggs: No! Get going! Get... what did you say?!
Murtaugh: You're gonna be a father!

[Interrogating Uncle Benny in a dentist's office full of nitrous oxide.]
Uncle Benny: I'm sleeping with my wife's two sisters!
Murtaugh: You lucky sonofabitch!
Riggs: Good for you, Uncle Benny!
Uncle Benny: Not so good when my wife finds out!

Leo Getz: Hey Riggs, who's the perp? What did ya bust him for?
Lee Butters: Oh, I'm a perp? You see a young brother in the back of a police car, automatically I'm a perp. Look at my suit, look at my tie. What do I look like, the fuckin' Crip's accountant? Look at this badge, bitch. Check out the gun!
Leo Getz: Whoa, hey hey hey, put the gun down, put the gun down!

Lee Butters: It's about time they poured in some new blood. I just don't want it coming out of me!

Lorna Cole: I am getting married or there is no baby!

Leo Getz: They fuck ya, they fuck ya, they fuck ya!

Martin Riggs: I'm not too old for this shit!

Roger Murtaugh: You okay Riggs?
Martin Riggs: No, I'm NOT okay! I just has my ass kicked again!

Lee Butters: You have the right to remain silent, so shut the fuck up! You have the right to get an attorney. If you can't afford one, we'll get you the dumbest goddamn lawyer we've got. If you get Johnnie Cochrane, I'll kill ya!

Martin Riggs: It's like...
Murtaugh: You're getting too old for this shit.
Martin Riggs: Yeah.
Murtaugh: How about that? Finally.
Martin Riggs: No, I can't be. I mean, I'm only... Jesus.
Murtaugh: Yeah, you're only. You can't beat the clock, Riggs.

Capt. Ed Murphy: We're dinosaurs headed for extinction!
Martin Riggs: Speak for yourself...
Capt. Ed Murphy: Gotta make way for the NEW-IMPROVED police department; guys with guns and psychology degrees, like Butters, out there.
Martin Riggs: Biter has a psychology degree?!
Roger Murtaugh: More like a PSYCHO degree!
Capt. Ed Murphy: Ah, hell, I got nothin' against it; times have gotta change. Hey, I almost got shot by a hot-rodder with a zip gun; that's how far back *I* go.

Roger Murtaugh: Since I met you, I done some hairy shit, but this is not gonna happen. I'm gonna be a grandfather; you and Lorna are gonna have a baby. He ain't worth dying for, Riggs! He ain't worth it!
Martin Riggs: Yeah, yeah, you're right. Hey, if he gets away, we can track him down later on with a--you know, with a Howitzer or somethin'. Your son-in-law's over there bleedin', we should get him and get the hell out of here. Anyway, it's rainin'.
Roger Murtaugh: Yeah, it's rainin'.
Martin Riggs: I'm too old for this shit, too.
Roger Murtaugh: Guy's too damned good!
Martin Riggs: Well, yeah, he's damn good! I mean, how did he do that thing with the gun?! How the hell did he do that?! I mean, he took my gun apart with one deft move! How did he do that? Huh? How?
Roger Murtaugh: Yeah... okay. Let's go ask him.

Lorna Cole: What happened last night?
Martin Riggs: Oh, gunfight, explosions, sharks, you know, the usual.

Detective Sergeant Martin Riggs: You sure picked a strange angel, baby. But I got the message.

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