Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3

Trish: Aren't you forgetting something?
Murtaugh: Oh.
[puckers lips]
Trish: [thrusts bulletproof vest upon him] THIS! You wear it, you eat in it, you sleep in it! Okay?! 6 more days! And Riggs, keep an eye on him.
Riggs: Okay.
Murtaugh: She loves me.

Martin Riggs: He's done this twice, oh, damn! I'm gonna suck his eyes out through his nose!!

Roger Murtaugh: I got 8 days to my retirement, and I will NOT make a stupid mistake!
Martin Riggs: Look, there is no bomb in that building! I will bet vital parts of my anatomy to the fact! Trust me, okay? Trust me!
Roger Murtaugh: That's usually my first mistake!

Martin Riggs: When you retire, you're not just retiring you, man! You're retiring us!

Jack Travis: You know what a future a cop has, Murph? None. You punch a clock for 30 years, retirement, pension... nothin' to do. Drunk at noon, bullet in the brain by evening. Well, not for this kid! The police department's got it all: guns, ammo, drugs, cash... it's a one-stop shopping center. If you've got the balls and the brains, there's not a fucking thing anyone can do about it!

Leo Getz: They FUCK YOU at the hospital, OK? They FUCK YOU at the hospital! First they drug you, then they FUCK YOU! And then along comes the insurance company and FUCKS YOU some more!

Riggs: We can't shoot a dog. People? Okay, but not dogs.

Roger Murtaugh: I hope that when I do retire your new partner is just like you.
Martin Riggs: That won't happen to me because there are winners and there are losers and god wouldn't do that to me.

[Riggs cuffs a crook who went flying through a windshield]
Martin Riggs: You have the right to remain unconscious. Anything you say ain't gonna be much.

[Travis buries a henchman in cement]
Jack Travis: Now we've got a relationship we can build on.

Martin Riggs: I'm chaos, and he's mayhem. We're a double act.

[Siphoning gas]
Martin Riggs: Yuck, Exxon!

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