Hot Shots! Part Deux

Harbinger: I can kill again! You've given me a reason to live.

Harbinger: War... it's fantastic!

Saddam Hussein: Now I will kill you until you die from it!

Ramada: I had to come. It was a sequel

[Addressing a roomful of Japanese businessmen.]
Tug Benson: It seems only yesteray that I was strafing so many of your houses. Today I'm asking you not to make such damn good cars.

Topper Harley: These men have a supreme vow of celibacy, like their fathers, and their fathers before them...

Benson: Cookie?
Colonel: No thank you, sir.
Benson: Young lady?
Lady: No thank you, sir.
Benson: No, I was just offering him a young lady.

Bad Guy: I can see you're no stranger to pain.
Colonel: I've been married.
Bad Guy: Ah.
Colonel: *Twice*.
Bad guys: Oy!

President Benson: We'll do this the old navy way. First one to die... loses!

Topper: I want to see your parents and pat your dog...
Romana: My parents are dead Topper, my dog ate them.

Topper Harley: President Benson.
President Benson: No you're not. I've seen him on TV. An older man, about my height.
Michelle Huddleson: Mr. President, this is Topper Harley.
President Benson: Topper Harley, of course, the son I never had. No wonder I didn't recognize you then.

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