Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

[At the vet, having porcupine quills removed.]
Chance: Okay, okay, I'll talk! I left a gift on the carpet. I let Sassy take the rap for when I unrolled the toilet paper all over the house. I stole underwear on three occasions. [The vet yanks a quill out of his face.] Okay, okay, four!

Fat Guy: Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty.
Sassy: "Here, kitty kitty kitty." Not on your life, chubby.
Fat Guy: Here, kitty kitty. Here, kitty. Here, kitty kitty kitty.
Sassy: No, dummy dummy dummy dummy.

Shadow: Chance, you're a genius!
Chance: No, I'm not! Uh, what's a genius?
Shadow: Never mind.

Shadow: You've learned all you need to know, Chance. Now all you need to learn is how to say goodbye.

[Chance sees a porcupine, but he doesn't know what it is.]
Sassy: What is that?
Chance: I don't know. It's probably a squirrel having a really bad hair day.

Chance: I can't believe I'm running from a cat!
Shadow: I won't tell if you won't.
Chance: Of course, this isn't your ordinary housecat. This is like Arnold Schwarzen-kitty!

Chance: Remember hot dogs, Shadow?
Shadow: Yeah, I wasn't much for the name, though.
Chance: I don't think they're really made of dog.
Shadow: I don't think they're made of meat!

Sassy: Like my mother always said, curiosity killed the dog.

Chance: I'm too pooped to poop.

Chance: Shadow was faithful. Shadow was loyal. Shadow was a chump.

Shadow: I thought you were gonna stay, pup.
Chance: Yeah, but I thought I should come along, in case you two needed protection.
Sassy: My hero! Guess I'm gonna have to stare at YOUR butt the whole way.

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