The General's Daughter

The Generals Daughter

Sunhill: "I thought you hated places like this."
Brenner: "I do. But our murderer might be in here. They were probably sitting in here, looking all smug and shiny... until we walked in. Now they're a little less smug and shiny... and I just think that's cool, don't you?"

Brenner: "My father was a drunk, a gambler and a womanizer. I worshipped him."

Brenner: "So what happened to the guy with the gun?"
Sunhill: "I married him."
Brenner: "Well, I'm happy for you. I wish a long life of happiness for both of you."
Sunhill: "I filed for divorce."
Brenner: "That's good."

Kent: "What do you have?"
Brenner: "Just a preliminary list of suspects."
Kent: "Who?"
Brenner: "Everyone."
Kent: "Looks like you have to narrow it down."
Brenner: "Where were you when she was killed?"
Kent: "I was in the tower when I got the call. No witnesses, though. You?"
Brenner: "I was killing somebody else at the time."

Moore: "We are, I assume, still trying to outwit each other?"

Paul Brenner: "These days, you have to boil somebody before you can sleep with them."

Sunhill: "Why was she murdered?"
Brenner: "Well, possible motives for murder are profit, revenge, jealousy, to conceal a crime, to avoid humiliation, or plain old homicidal mania. Right there in the manual."

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