Gone in 60 Seconds

Little Black Boy says to Kip: "That aint a tool thats a damn brick"

Memphis: Good brakes too!

Boy you need a role model.

Randall "Memphis" Raines: I'm a little TIRED, I'm a little WIRED, and I just want a little appreciation.

Memphis: Letís Ride

Atley: Well, well, well, what do you pay your pit crews with? Oreos and gummi bearsx?

Memphis: Withought disappointment, you canít appreciate victory
Detective Castlebeck: Eleanor tell you that?
Memphis: Now thatís hitting below the belt.

Detective Drycoff: Whoís Eleanor?
Detective Castlebeck: It's a damn car. And donít you ever talk about my wife.

Sway: Hello Ladies. I was always a sucker for a redhead.

Sway: It had to be a girl car.
Memphis: A girl car? What kind of girl drives a hemicuda?
Sway: Iíll show you. [puts on lipstick]
Memphis: Lipstick?
Sway: Matches the car.

Sway: Next time Iíll get out the leather, high heels, and pink underwear for you.

Sway: What do you think is more exciting, having sex or stealing cars?
Memphis: Having sex or boosting cars..uhm..whoo.. Well, how about having sex while boosting cars?
Sway: That's a good line. Doesn't work on a lot of girls though.

Detective Drycoff: Man, this guy can drive!
Detective Castlebeck: What? WHAT?
Detective Drycoff: Its probably mostly the car.

Memphis: Hey man, I thought you were from Long Beach?

Donny: You look like a little ghetto smurf.

Punk: I'm not gonna mess around with someone who plays with dog shit!

[Kip is about to break into the dealership]
Mirror Man: We might as well call prison and make reservations.

Otto Halliwell: We're gonna have to go old school on this. A day to shop, a day to prep.

Randall "Memphis" Raines: I am a baaaad man.

The Sphinx: If his premature demise has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish below the glossy veneer of criminal life, and inspired you to change your ways, then his death carries with it an inherent nobility. And a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. You can say "Poor Toby." I say: "Poor us."

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