George of the Jungle

George of the Jungle

(Translating with a Swahili phrasebook.)
Lyle: "Pardon me, girls. I know you're feeling pretty hey sailor up here about now. But if you would just let me order a bowl of fried clams we can all have smallpox tomorrow morning."

Lyle: "Sorry, Stonebelly. The better man won, that's all. Or, I should say, the one who brought mercenaries won; *that's* all!"

Ape: ""All of George's secrets." There's the shortest book ever written."

Ape: "George, remember the time I told you about Queensbury rules and fighting fair? Well, now's a good time to forget it."

George: "To swing or not to swing? Swing."

Narrator: "And so, onward and upward the tired trekkers trudged on feverished footsies on the perilous paths. When they beheld the mighty Ape Mountain, the reacted with awe."
Group: "Aaaawwww."
Narrator: "I said "awe." A-W-E."
Group: "Ooohhh."
Narrator: "That's better."

Narrator: "The jungle king was pleased to find that he looked pretty good in Armani."
George: "Pretty darn good."

Narrator: "Meanwhile, at a very expensive waterfall set..."

Ursula's mother: "Arthur, I wish you would do something about all these monkeys. I feel like Jane Goodall."
Ape: "Madam, I knew Jane Goodall and you are no Jane Goodall."

Narrator: "Don't worry. Nobody dies in this story. They just get really big boo-boos."

Narrator: "George can't die because he's the star."

George: "Dog eat dog? Dog eat dog here? George never bringing Shep here! Uh uh! Never!"

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