Dead Man on Campus

Cliff: I live in a Frat House, right? And these fuckers wanna kick me out for not observing quiet hour! [shouting] Well, they can SUCK my QUIET COCK!

Cliff: [rapping] My name is Cliff, brother of Joe. I got me some crack. I want me some hoes!

Cliff: They hate it when you do this.
[shoots gun at cops]

Cooper: You can't sing show tunes and be depressed!

Cliff: Come on man! Just kick me in the junk!

Cliff: Do you guys ever get really horny?
Cooper Frederickson: Depends where you're going with this.

Cliff: I really shouldn't be driving, I have a suspended license.
Cooper Frederickson: Really? For what?
Cliff: Attempted vehicular manslaughter... whatever the FUCK that means!

Cooper Frederickson: Young man! Where have you been? I was up all night worried sick. Do you know what time it is?
Josh Miller: I LOVE college. I love everything about it. The people, the freedom. This room. This chair. Look at this chair!
Cooper Frederickson: You had sex last night didn't you?
Josh Miller: That's a nice shirt.

Cooper Frederickson: I can hear my heartbeat through my penis!

Zeke: This is my brother's Ritalin. Ritalin's good for studying math or science, just don't try to write English papers on it or it won't make any sense. Enjoy that.

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