Cruel Intentions

Kathryn: Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep that way.

Annette: People shouldn't experience the act of love until they are in love.

Sebastian: Why can't we be together?
Annette: You wanna know why? Because I don't trust myself with you.

Kathryn: Don Juan is moving with the speed of a Special Olympics hurdler.

Sebastian: We've done some pretty fucked up shit in our time but this...I mean, we're destroying an innocent girl. You do realize that?

Cecile Caldwell: This doesn't taste like a regular iced tea.
Sebastian: It's from Long Island.

Kathryn: I think that I'll go and take my new car for a ride.
Sebastian: No, the only thing you'll be riding is me.

Sebastian: E-mail is for geeks and pedophiles.

Kathryn: If I win, then that hot little car of your's is mine.
Sebastian: And if I win?
Kathryn: I'll give you something you've been obsessing about ever since our parents got married.
Sebastian: Could you be a little more specific?
Kathryn: In English I'll fuck your brains out.

Kathryn: Introduce her to your world of sex, drugs and... what else do you do?

Sebastian: You could be a model. It's too bad you're not sexy.

Blaine: The only reason I let him keep up this charade is because the man has a mouth like a Hoover.

Mrs. Sugarman: Oh, did I ever tell you the time, when my late husband sent me--
Sebastian: Yes, you already did, Mrs. Sugarman.
Mrs. Sugarman: Oh, I did?
Sebastian: Right after we played backgammon, Mrs. Sugarman.
Mrs. Sugarman: Oh! We played backgammon?
Sebastian: Uh huh. You beat me three times.
Mrs. Sugarman: I did?
Sebastian: Yup. Then I fucked your daughter.
Mrs. Sugarman: Excuse me?
Sebastian: I said, would you care for some water?
Mrs. Sugarman: No, thank you.

Kathryn Merteuil: Fuck her yet?
Sebastian Valmont: Working on it.
Kathryn Merteuil: Loser.
Sebastian Valmont: Blow me.
Kathryn Merteuil: Call me later?

[Cecile returns home in the morning with her clothes rumpled and hair disheveled.]
Bunny Caldwell: Jesus Christ, where have you been?
Cecile Caldwell: Shopping.

Marci Greenbaum: Would you cut the psychobabble bullshit, Mom? There's pictures of me on the Internet.
Dr. Greenbaum: What kind of pictures?
Marci Greenbaum: Nudie pictures! What do you think?
Dr. Greenbaum: JESUS! How could you be so stupid?

[Kathryn gives Cecile a slight kiss on the mouth]
Kathryn Merteuil: OK, this time I'm going to stick my tongue into your mouth.

Sebastian Valmont: That's a 1956 Jaguar Roadster. What makes you think I'll go for that bet?
Kathryn Merteuil: Because I'm the only girl you can't have and it kills you.
Sebastian Valmont: No thanks.
Kathryn Merteuil: You can put it anywhere.
Sebastian Valmont: You got yourself a deal baby.

Kathryn Merteuil: The parental units called today.
Sebastian Valmont: How IS your gold-digging whore of a mother?
Kathryn Merteuil: She suspects your impotent, alcoholic father is diddling the maid.

Sebastian Valmont: I read your manifesto.
Annette Hargrove: You did?
Sebastian Valmont: I must say, I found it rather... appalling.
Annette Hargrove: That's a first. Most people praise me for it.
Sebastian Valmont: Most people are sheep.

Kathryn Merteuil: She's quite cute, you know. Young, supple breasts, a tight, firm ass and an uncharted pootie. Be her Captain Picard, Valmont. Boldly go where no man has gone before.

Kathryn Merteuil: My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.
Cecile Caldwell: But that would make me a slut, wouldn't it?
Kathryn Merteuil: Cecile, everybody does it; it's just that nobody talks about it.
Cecile Caldwell: So, it's like a secret society?
Kathryn Merteuil: That's one way looking at it.

Sebastian Valmont: Cecile, you know what would be super-duper sexy? If you lost all the clothes.
Cecile Caldwell: I don't think so.

Annette Hargrove: I'm impressed.
Sebastian Valmont: Well, I'm in love.

Bunny Caldwell: How dare you treat me with such disrespect! I got you off the streets and this is how you repay me?
Ronald Clifford: Got me off the streets? I- I live on 59th and Park!
Bunny Caldwell: Whatever!

Kathryn Merteuil: I hate it when things don't go my way. It makes me so horny.

Kathryn Merteuil: I think there's something going on between Cecile and her music teacher.
Bunny Caldwell: Ronald? That's crazy!
Kathryn Merteuil: I know, she's so young and he's so...
Bunny Caldwell: Black!

Kathryn Merteuil: I wanna FUCK!
Sebastian Valmont: And I don't.

Sebastian Valmont: You AMAZE me.
Kathryn Merteuil: Eat me, Sebastian. It's okay for guys like you and Court to fuck everyone but when I do it, I get dumped for innocent little twits like Cecile. Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 to be considered a lady? I am the Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself. So there's your psychoanalysis, Dr. Freud. Now are you in, or are you out?

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