Bye, Bye Love

Bye Bye, Love

Emma: I hate this uniform, it makes me look 14.
Meg: You are 14.
Emma: Exactly.

Donnie: It's a very awkward age for girls.
Dave: Really what age is that?
Donnie: 13 to 35, very awkward.

Dr. David Townsend: Divorced Americans are the most unhappy people in the world, with a possible exception of married Scandinavians.

Lucille: I'm not shooting for a "successful" relationship at this point, I'm just looking for something that will prevent me from throwing myself in front of a bus. I'm keeping my expectations very very low.

[Standing next to a Porsche]
Dave: I appreciate beautiful things.
Heidi: Beautiful fast things.
Dave: Beautiful fast German things... Heidi, right

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