Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down

Eversmann: Nobody asks to be a hero, it just sometimes turns out that way.

"Hoot": People ask me, why do you do it man? They don't understand, it's about the men next to you. That's all it is.

[Watching a Somali mother pick up a gun]
Specialist Mike Kurth: Don't do it lady!

"Hoot": When I get home people 'll ask me, "Hey Hoot, why do ya do it man? Why? Just some war junkie?" Ya know what I'll say? I won't say a goddamn word. Why? They won't understand. They won't understand why we do it. They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is.

Struecker: No one gets left behind, you know that.

Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: You Americans don't smoke any more. You lead long, dull and uneventful lives.

"Hoot": Y'know what I think? Don't really matter what I think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window.

Struecker: It's what you do right now that makes a difference.

[Cpl. Smith is dying]
Smith: I'm sorry.
Eversmann: For what? You saved Twombly, you did it prefect.
Smith: You okay Twombs?
Twombly: Yeah, I'm okay, Jamie.
Eversmann: See, you did what you were trained to do. You should be proud of that, be proud of that.
Smith: Ev?
Eversmann: Yeah.
Smith: Do me a favor, okay? Tell my parents that I fought well today. And tell them that I... that I fought hard.
Eversmann: You're gonna tell them yourself okay, Jamie?
Smith: Are... are the humvees here?
Eversmann: They're coming, Jamie. They're coming. You just gotta hold on for a little longer. Can you do that?
Smith: I can, I can. It's nothing. It's nothing.

Durant: Where's the rescue squad?
Shughart: We're it.

Eversmann: Remember, we're Rangers not some sorry-ass JROTC. We're Elite. Let's act like it out there. Hoo-ah?
Rangers: Hoo-ah!

[After an explosion.]
Sanderson: Are you alright?!?
Grimes: Yeah, I can hear bells ringin'!

Crew Chief: Hey, Grimesy! No fear!
Grimes: Oh, yeah, RIGHT!

Pilot: Mike Durant, we won't leave you behind.

General Garrison: If we don't hold down this city we are gonna have 100 caskets to fill by morning.

Atto: You shouldn't have come here. This is a civil war. This is our war, not yours.
General Garrison: 300,000 dead and counting. That's not a war Mr. Atto. That's genocide.

Grimes: Why aren't you shooting?
Waddell: We're not being shot at yet!
Grimes: How can you tell?
Waddell: A hiss means it's close. If you hear a pop, then
[bullets begin flying over his head]
Waddell: - now they're shooting at us!

Eversmann: Look, these people, they have no jobs, no food, no education, no future. I just figure that we have two things we can do. Help, or we can sit back and watch a country destroy itself on CNN.

"Hoot": Sergeant, you got your men this far. You did it right today. Now you gotta start thinking about getting them out of here.

[After Wolcott's Chopper goes down]
General Garrison: We just lost the initiative.

McKnight: You, get up there and drive!
Othic: But I'm shot Colonel!
McKnight: Everybody's shot! We need the prisoners, let's go!

Todd Blackburn: Well I'm here to kick some ass.

Yurek: [Looks at Nelson strangely] What's wrong with him?
Twombly: Oh, he's deaf. My fault.

Grimes: I made *coffee* during Desert Storm.

Garrison: Good luck boys. Be careful. Remember nobody gets left behind.
[Looking at Eversmann's face]
Grimes: What's wrong?
Eversmann: Nothing. It's just that he's never done that before.

Casey Joyce: [Watching Wex] Look at this man Ruiz, he's taping his blood type to his boot. That's bad luck.
Lorenzo Ruiz: No that's smart.
[Pulls out a death letter]
Lorenzo Ruiz: . All Delta do that.
Casey Joyce: [Looking at the letter] That's bad luck too man.

Eversmann: You okay?
Todd Blackburn: Excited. In a good way. I've been training my whole life for this.
Eversmann: You ever shot at anybody before?
Todd Blackburn: No Sergeant.
Eversmann: Me neither.

[Durant and Wolcott talk over the intercom as they fly past each other in their helicopters]
Durant: Super Six One, go to UHF secure. I've got some bad news.
Cliff Wolcott: Limo is a word, Durant. I don't want to hear about it.
Durant: It is not a word. It's not in the dictionary.
Cliff Wolcott: Limo is a word in common usage. That is the key phrase in scrabble, my friend.
Durant: No! If it's not in the dictionary, it doesn't count.
Cliff Wolcott: It doesn't have to be in the dictionary!
Durant: It does have to be in the dictionary! Listen, when we get back to base, it's coming off the board.
Cliff Wolcott: You touch my limo and I'll spank you, Night Stalker. You hear me?
Durant: Yeah. Promises.

Dominick Pilla: Colonel! Colonel! They're shooting at us!
McKnight: Well shoot back!

Yurek: [ducking behind a car after being shot at by Nelson] Rangers?!?
Twombly: HOO-AH!
Yurek: It's Yurek! You fucking assholes!
Twombly: We almost fucking killed you! Well, come to us!
Yurek: Fuck you! Come to me!

[After Nelson, Twombly, and Yurek grouped together talking about equipment.]
Twombly: Never mind, you brought NOD, right?
Yurek: No, I did not bring it. You know why? Because you said: "You won't need that, we'll be back in a half-hour
Twombly: [feeling guilty] I wasn't exactly saying that to you.

[Durant is being interrogated.]
Durant: My government will never negotiate for me.
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Then perhaps you and I can negotiate, huh? Soldier to Soldier.
Durant: I am not in charge
Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Course not, you have the power to kill, but not negotiate. In Somalia, Killing is Negotiation.

Abdullah 'Firimbi' Hassan: Do you think if you get General Aidid, we will simply put down our weapons and adopt American democracy? That the killing will stop? We know this. Without victory, there will be no peace. There will always be killing, see? This is how things are in our world.

"Hoot": See you're thinking. Don't. Cuz' Sergeant, you can't control who gets hit or who doesn't or who falls out of a chopper or why. It ain't up to you. It's just war.

Dominick Pilla: [imitating Cpt. Steele] We are on the ten yard line men, can you count 'em? One, Two, Ten! I need my linebackers hoo-ah!
[men respond with laughter and "hoo-ah!"]
Dominick Pilla: Didn't see you in church on Sunday soldier, you got somethin' better to do? I don't think so, I will make you believe!

[Impersonating Captain Steele]
Dominick Pilla: You say this is your safety? Well, this is my boot, soldier, and it will fit up your ass with the proper amount of force!

"Hoot": Nice man, real smooth.
Gordon: Single shot to the engine block.

[After Hoot cuts in front of him in line for food]
Todd Blackburn: Hey, there's a line.
"Hoot": I know.
Todd Blackburn: And this ain't the end of it.
"Hoot": I know.

Steele: Sergeant, what's the meaning of this?
[Thinking he's talking about the unauthorized pig picking]
"Hoot": Just a little aerial target practice, sir. Didn't want to leave 'em behind.
Steele: I'm talking about your weapon, soldier. Now Delta or no-Delta, that's still a hot weapon. Your safety should be on at all times.
"Hoot": This is my safety, sir.
[He holds up his index finger and bends motions as if squeezing a trigger and then walks off.]
Sanderson: Let it alone, sir. He hasn't eaten in a few days.

[On seeing wild boars running below the Black Hawk]
"Hoot": Who's hungry?

[To Blackburn]
Grimes: Listen, kid, you look like you're 12.

Sanderson: So where did they find you?
Grimes: Behind a desk.
[Sanderson laughs]
Grimes: No really.

[Trying to start a conversation]
Eversmann: You know, sunny beach, warm weather this would almost be a nice place to visit.
"Hoot": Almost.

Garrison: You know, the last one of these guys shot himself in the head playing Russian-Roulette in a bar.

[On the spy]
Matthews: He now says that the house is a couple of blocks to his left, but he's scared if he gets any closer he'll be shot.
Garrison: I'll fucking shoot him myself a couple of blocks down!

McKnight: Ok, we're going to have to turn 'em around and go back the way we came.
Maddox: WHAT?!

[Jamie Smith bounces a basketball on the table where Eversman is working]
Eversmann: What the fuck, Smith?
Smith: So?
Eversmann: "So" what?
Smith: We going out?
Eversmann: Why should I tell you?
Smith: Because I'm me!

[A dying Ruiz speaking to Cpt. Steele]
Lorenzo Ruiz: Don't go back out there without me. I can still do my job.

[Captain Steele caught Pilla imitating him.]
Steele: Quick word, Specialist.
Steele: Sir.
[Gives "bird" finger to soldiers while walking with Steele.]
Steele: Tell me, Pilla. You understand why we have a chain of command, don't you?
Steele: Roger that, sir.
Steele: 'cause if I ever see you undermining it again, You'll be cleaning latrines with your tongue until you can't taste the difference between shit and French fries. Are we clear?
Steele: Hoo-ah, sir.

[After a RPG hit a building]
Grimes: Fuuuuck this!

[After McKnight orders Maddox to turn around and go back to Haldawig.]
Maddox: Sir, they're going to get us fucking killed out there!
McKnight: Just get it over with!

[on Tim "Griz" Martin's drawing]
Dan Busch: Looks good.
Tim "Griz" Martin: It's improving.
Dan Busch: But if I may make a suggestion... more of an observation.
Tim "Griz" Martin: Go ahead.
Dan Busch: It's a children's book. They aren't supposed to scare the living shit out of the children.

[After Eversmann debriefs his chalk on Wolcott's crashed helicopter.]
Nelson: How come I gotta stay back here?
Eversmann: Because you're dependable.
Nelson: [to Twombly after Eversmann, Wadell, Schmid, and Galentine head for the crash site.] I hate being dependable, man.

Eversmann: You brought your gun?
Todd Blackburn: Yessir! Want me to shoot? I'm rested.
Eversmann: When'd you get in?
Todd Blackburn: Just now, sir.

Atto: You put up reward signs. Twenty-five thousand dollars! What is this? Gunfight at the K.O. Corral?
Garrison: [Laughs] It's the *O.K.* Corral.

[The spy shows the right building.]
Garrison: Is he sure this time?
Harell: He sounds scared shitless.
Garrison: Good. That's always a good sign.

Matthews: [After the briefing.] What's the matter Danny? Something you don't like?
McKnight: No Specter Gunships, Daylight instead of night. Late afternoon they're all fucked up on Khat? What's not to like?
Harell: Life is imperfect!
McKnight: For you, circling 500 feet in the air is imperfect. Down in the street, it's unforgiving.

[About a U.N. tank]
Grimes: These things are fuckin' bullet magnets!

[To cell phone]
Atto: I'm going to be late.

Nelson: The Humvees ain't coming back for us, dude.

Michael Durant: I'm not a ranger, I'm a pilot.

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