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How it all started

Qpawn has been in existence in various forms since the winter of 1998. With only very basic html knowledge and the tools provided by Angelfire, high school students from Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania got together and created this irreverent political simulator.

Originally, the game was to be called "CPAWN", which stood for Commoners Posing as World Nations. Unfortunately "CPAWN" was taken. Many people believe the name is derived from Queen to Pawn, but it was revealed that Qpawn was simply the coolest sounding alternative.

The basic concept was simple; people signed up to play as world leaders. They were to send all actions to their regional avatars (moderators), broken up into North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and Europe. The avatars acted as Gods over their respective regions, causing reactions to their player’s actions. If the actions were private in nature, the Avatar would generally email the reaction. If the action was deemed newsworthy, the avatar would post it on his regional news site. All major actions, generally involving war and cross-continental disputes were written about by the Arch-Avatar, or Qpawn God. All disputes, questions, and logistics were handled by him.

In 1998, Qpawn had roughly 40 players from two high schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The rivalry was intense, but do to inactivity from the Avatars, it quickly fell apart. The next incarnation was done entirely through the high school kids from Pittsburgh, managing to have a continuous game from 1999 all the way through 2002. What started as a game for just local kids, quickly expanded into a global game with hundreds of players trying to sign up every week, spanning 4 continents.


This is Nation Leader roleplaying sim.

Qpawn is a forum-based government simulation game where anyone can join, apply for a nation and roleplay at will. Players frequently deal with various issues, from political unrest to economic recession as the round progresses. However, international issues emerge to players as well, making the life of their characters dreadful or exciting! You can develop a powerful democratic leader in the Western world or rule with fear as a totalitarian hard-fisted dictator; anything with time and commitment is possible. Create legislation, domestic policy, foreign policy and shape your nation's political and economic future as you see it. .

We endeavour, through our actions and work to bring players the ultimate nation simulation experience, surpassing all other simulations that are currently on the web.

We are now playing in the year 1981

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What do people say?

""Of course there are games I can play, and this game means I have to write and read. However it is fun. The Only danger is that it can be addictive. I would not waste time on a game that is not fun"

"Qpawn is a game and it is not a history lesson. It is creating an alternative history. I like the idea that i can experiment. I can try different government types. I can be a good guy or bad guy. It helps me understand the world and what responsibility is. It is fun being able to create an alternative world"

"The Events in the game is mainly based on players actions. This means that it can be unpredictable at times. Like can Israel be invaded? Can the US actually have a wise president? I know that anything can happen in this game and it keeps me on my toes"

"Joining the game was a bit overwhelming for me. However I was helped by the mods and mentor as well as other players. They did not think any less of me that I asked. I like that Newbies are respected as much as veterans. I also like that new players have the choice to pick a non budget country or organisation, so they can get used to the game"

"Qpawn taught me a lot of how the world works. How different nations are and how hard diplomacy is. You have to worry about foreign affairs and domestic affairs. It means i am stressed sometimes, but it also means I have fun."

"On a personal level, I have become better to express my ideas and communicate, as well as respect those that has a different view than me"

"I Joined Qpawn years ago but stopped because people were so mean with each other and the atmosphere was bad, as well as there were admin coups and game splits and takeovers.I have tried the game again, and this has all changed. The game has a great atmosphere now and people are very friendly. I am very happy I gave the game a second chance "

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Qpawn is a online role playing Geo ( world ) political simulator ( polsim )