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Chasteen Aviation

Chasteen aviation has been the FBO at Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport for 11 years. It is located at the main ramp. It is also the FBO at Ashland Boyd Regional airport (DWU). We will be updating this page soon with pictures of both airports.

Chasteen Aviation offers,

--Fuel consists of, 100LL, Jet-A, and, hard to find, 80oct fuel. The prices are currently $1.91/gallon for 80, $2.09/gallon for 100LL, and $1.99/gallon for Jet-A.

--We also have rental cars available. It is recommended to call in advance to reserve a car, so we can make one available upon your arrival.

--Also offered is; aircraft rental and flight instruction. We have a Cessna 152 for $43.00/hour, a Cessna 172 for $56.00/hour, and a Piper Arrow for $79.00/hour. Flight instruction is offered from four flight instructors, at $20/hour for basic flight training, $25/hour for advanced flight instruction, and $25/hour or $200/day pilot services. The rate for ground instruction is $12.00/hour.

--Ground schools take place at different times each year. We offer a private pilot ground school that is $225.00 and includes all of the books and your first log book. Instrument courses are also $225.00 and include all of books you need. Both of the ground schools last between 10 and 12 weeks, usually metting on Thursday evenings at 6:00 P.M.

--General aircraft supplies such as pito tube covers, fuel marking stickers, VFR charts, IFR low-altitude charts, approach plates, etc. are offered.

If you have any questions, you may reach Chasteen Aviation at, (740)820-2400.