Different Ways to Say Poop

1. Poop

2. Poopie

3. Shit

4. Green apple splatters

5. Doodie

6. Dookie

7. Popping a turtle head

8. Pinching a loaf

9. Pinching a butt muffin

10. Going to the potty

11. Turd

12. Manure

13. Bowel Movement (BM)

14. #2

15. Crap

16. Diareah

17. Dump

18. Something barking at the back door

19. Floating a sea pickle

20. Logs

21. Linkin' Logs

22. Baby ruth

23. Skat

24. Droppings

25. Feces

Just like the Puke List, if you have others to add, E-mail me and I shall add them and give you credit by posting your name beside it.

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