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Treat Me Kind, Keep Me Safe

Show Me Love And I'll Embrace

If You Take Me Home Where I Was Born

I'd find peace of mind


Give me love, show me grace

Give me time and a little space

If you take me home where I belong

I'll find peace of mind


Look for light, for your conception

Lay me down for your inspection


Somehow we'll find a way

Sometime but not today

There's somethin' I need to say


Somehow we'll find a way

I wish this was yesterday

Then maybe tomorrow I'll remember

Sometime, Sometime

Give me hope, in life I pray

It's good when I'm bad

I'm sorry to say

So when I feel you inside, deep within me

I'd find peace of mind


I'm a living breathing contradiction

Can't go through this crucifixion

Sacrifice love for affection

There's pain in pleasure's resurrection


After the sun, then comes the rain

We will be one again

An aphrodisiac rejection

Immaculate is our conception


Sometimes x4

Treat me kind, keep me safe

Show me love, I'll embrace


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