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Please do not direct link to any story on this site!


All stories appear with permission of the owner of the story and may be copyrighted (©). It is sad that I have to mention this, but please DO NOT attempt to steal any of these stories and pass them off as your work. It is just wrong!


The authors hosted on this site have given me permission to post their work. I can’t say for sure, but as far as I know all work is fiction and the authors do not claim to know the person(s) written about in their stories.


Beware that MOST of the stories on this site are intended for the mature reader. If you feel you cannot handle reading about mature situations it might be best that you not go any further.


Also some of these stories contain men on men relations, I do not particularly condone this behavior and/or think that members of any of these bands have relationships like that. It is the choice of the authors to write “slash” – it is your choice to read it. Do not send hate mail to me or the author discussing how disgusting it is.


Please enjoy these stories and when you are done leave feedback to the authors. (I've put their e-mail addresses at the bottom of every story.)






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From Lara:

      Over The Hill - Chapters 11 - 12

      Everyday Life (NSYNC) - Chapters 5 - 7

From Neenie:

      The Thunder Rolls (BSB) - One stormy night Brian learns the truth about his wife, and she learns the truth about him.

New Authors: Chantel & Rhonda

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      The Mississippi By: Larissa Lee (NSYNC) - This is a wonderful story! It's a lighter side of Justin. Wonderfully written. Check it out! Justin's in Vegas celebrating his 21st birthday ... he gets a bigger present then he ever thought possible!


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Please do not direct link to any story on this site!