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Let Me Love You

Hey little boy with those big brown eyes

You don't know what you do to me

I'm just a girl and I'm in diguise

Just trying to be a woman

It doesn't matter how we get there

Can do this if we try

Sometimes I just sit and wonder

If this is good and why


Let me love you, I know that I can

If you take on me then you'll understand

So let me love you, I'll hold on tight

If not for tomorrow then maybe tonight

Hey little girl with those big blue eyes

You know what you're doing

You're so grown up

I watch you grind the little nut you're screwing

It doesn't matter if you mean it

Maybe I'm not your kind

Sometimes i just sit and wonder

If love is hard to find


If a girl loves a boy

And she loves a girl

What can you do

At the end of the day

There's nothing left to say

But I love you

But I love you

Repeat Chorus To Fade

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