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A Better Tomorrow (98) - Sequel to Twist Of Fate. The further adventure.

Backlash (98) - Years ago Tracey Jamieson buried her past life and her name. She has a new name, job, and boyfriend. Now someone from her past has resurfaced with information she never knew. Lies were told to her years ago and now her past is threatening to destroy the future she's creating.

Haunted By Her Past (98) - They were together for only a short period of time, but he abandoned her when she was pregnant to go back to his first love. Now that she suffers amnesia due to an accident, can he get back the woman he TRULY loves and show her just how sorry he really is?

The Love Letter (98) - A letter sent to the wrong woman leads to heartbreak for one. Can the mistake be corrected in time?

Twist Of Fate (98) - Lies, deceit, betrayal and love. Nick is being blackmailed into marrying a woman he does not love just for the sake of publicity when the woman he truly loves is having his baby and he doesn't know it. Tracey kept the news of her pregnancy a secret, but after Nick learns of the real reason for the marriage he gets enough on tape to end the blackmail and get his life back. He finds Tracey and his 6-month-old son, but too frightened to let him back in her life again, she vanishes again taking the baby with her. Can Nick find her and his son?

Updated 01.06.02

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