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Black (BSB) - When his girlfriend leaves him, AJ doesn't think life's worth living anymore.

Green Card (NKOTB) - Joe marries a good friend so she can stay in the U.S. What happens when life suddenly becomes a movie, and feelings get involved in a fake marriage?

Junemoon (BSB) - Two years ago in June, Kevin broke her heart. And now, she has to face him again.

One More Night (NKOTB) - A once perfect relationship went wrong somewhere along the way. Now Joe has to use his last chance to get the woman he loves back.

Promises Kept (BSB) - AJ reminds his best friends of a promise they made fifteen years ago... But what happens if she really does keep her promise?

Take A Bow (BSB) - Kevin is secretly dating a journalist. Someday, she gets sick of his games though...

Updated 01.09.02

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