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After Midnight (BSB) - Nick gets some special care after a hard days work.

Just A Walk In The Park (BSB) - no summary available

KAOS (BSB) - Nick's wife gives him some stress relief.

Losing Touch (BSB) - Sometimes even the strongest bonds can be tested.

Master Of Fate (BSB) - It only takes a second for your perfect world to shatter completely. In a desperate struggle for his sanity, Nick tries to cope with his wifeís death. But something isnít right. Can Nick discover the truth before itís too late?

Number One Crush (BSB) - One of Backstreet's biggest fans gets to live out her dream.

One Instant (BSB) - Sara gets the surprise of her life one chilly evening.

Somehow, Some Way (BSB) - Two people, brought together by fate, their lives bound forever by sorrow and pain. He loved her too much to say no. But his love sends them both on a downward spiral that may not only destroy the two of them, but their friends as well.

TLNC (BSB) - Shawn's sprained her ankle, and Nick decides to give her his special brand of tender lovin' care.

You Took Me By Surprise (BSB) - Marci gathers up all her courage and changes her life.

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