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Broken (NSYNC) - JC reads a letter and finds out how it feels to be broken. Deals with a 'debatable issue'. Kind of angsty.

Faith’s Song (O-Town) - Faith had never dreamed it possible to have all of her dreams come true. Singing in a Karaoke bar wasn't much of a life, but her dreams were about to come true when she meets Erik.

Heaven (NSYNC) - Justin remembers moments through out his life with his best friend and love.

Heaven’s Angel (O-Town) - Can a blizzard in Vermont make Ashley and Heaven realize their feelings? A short story based on a poem and a very good question: What would happen if you got caught in a blizzard with someone you don't realize you care so much for?

Let Go (NSYNC) - This was it, I had to face facts. My sister was dying…

Lone Moon (NSYNC) - Alex Blake is 19 and pregnant. She gets off a greyhound in a dusty town and meets Lance, who takes her to the Lone Moon Ranch, a place for people from cities can enjoy some time in the country. There she stays and a special friendship blossoms between Alex and Lance. Will it become something more?

Route Twenty-Three To Nowhere (NSYNC) - Maya James' car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A stranger comes and takes her into town and into his home. Lance Bass is everything Maya really wants, but will her old life keep her from telling him?

Wedding Bells (O-Town) - An idea formed from watching way too much TV. (You'll know what I mean if you've ever seen My Best Friend's Wedding). When Isana finds out her best friend is getting married, how far will she go to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life? Based on another story idea from my good friend Ashley Kennedy.

Updated 12.27.03

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