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Just What I Needed (BSB) - A casual meeting nearly six months ago turns into something a whole lot more than casual, when Nick proves that he remembers every fan he meets...especially one fan in particular.

Lasting Impressions (BSB) - Never in her wildest dreams did Sara think her poster would be good enough to win The Number One Fan contest. She entered hoping to meet her favorite group, the Backstreet Boys and leave a lasting impression on Nick Carter. She ended up winning a lot more than that. When Sara entered "The Number One Fan" contest, she thought she was winning a chance to meet her favorite group, the Backstreet Boys, little did she know that she would win Nick Carterís heart.

One Night (BSB) - How far would you go to prove a friendship? Nick and Sara were nothing more than friends, until Kevin dared them to prove it. Nick was never one to turn down a challenge and Sara was never one to be proven wrong...see how their whole relationship changes in night.

Slow & Steady (BSB) - Well, everything was set for a great two days, concert tickets in hand and two days booked at the hotel where he was staying. Sara left her home in search of her dream, which was to share with Nick Carter her years of experience in the art of pleasing a man. Little did Nick know that by the end of the day the words "slow and steady" would have a totally different meaning to him.

Updated 03.30.03

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