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Beginnings (BSB) - The usual Carter dysfunction turns to catastrophic disaster, as a coming new addition catalyzes an entirely new fight between Nick and Andrea. Can providence intervene before things go too far, or are they on their own this time? (Book 5 in the Fate Series)

Beloved (BSB) - Some secrets are better kept that way, as unexpected circumstances destroy the life Nick and Andrea once had. (Book 4 in the Fate Series)

Heart And Soul (BSB) - Infidelity causes a rift in Nick and Andrea’s relationship. Can Andrea find it in herself to forgive and forget, or is this duet fated to be cut short? (Book 3 of the Fate Series)

It Must Be Fate (BSB) - Coincidence brings the Boys to a rural “one-horse” town… or is it something a little more than chance? (Book 1 in the Fate Series)

Utopian Dreams (BSB) - It’s a year later and Andrea’s off to school. Can she manage keeping her old life, and her relationship with Nick, together in this new place, or are things destined to fall apart? (Book 2 of the Fate Series)

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