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Casino Nights (BSB) - Every move is a gamble when you're playing with Nick.

Cry (BSB) - Sometimes life can be very ironic. Anything can happen. Anything does happen. This is the story of one man's struggle to overcome the odds.

Insatiable (BSB) - Contribution to the August Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

Just You, Just Me (BSB) - Two lonely souls come together for a night of passion.

Message In A Bottle (BSB) - Lost in thought, Nick takes a walk on the beach and finds a bottle that holds a message. Nick sets out to meet the one who wrote the message and once he does their lives are forever changed.

Road Test (BSB) - Janine is going for her road test, with AJ as her instructor, but AJ wants to give her a license for more a little bit more than driving.

The Thunder Rolls (BSB) - One stormy night Brian learns the truth about his wife, and she learns the truth about him.

Under The Blankets (BSB) - Nick gets a little frisky under the blankets while him and his girl are on the bus.

Untitled (BSB) - Nick and Brian's girlfriend test Brian's willpower.... as they give into temptation...

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