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A Moving Experience (BSB) - My submission to the Harem's first annual Sleezefest. I didn't win the honorary title of "Queen of the Harem", but I am a "Princess". Basically, the challenge was that you worked for "HCP Moving & Storage" and your daily duties centered around your second favorite Boy.

A New Day (BSB) - After battling one heartache after another, Michelle is determined to start a new life for herself and her daughter. Little did she know just how much her life would change on a stormy night in Key West and meet the men of her dreams.

Descent Into Reality (BSB) - It's practically a requisite in writing fanfiction to have at least one story full of lust and sex taking place in an elevator. This is mine. A Howie and AJ short story.

Desert D-Lite (BSB) - A scorching day in the desert and a woman more than eager for his touch, Howie, as the sexy Sultan, adds yet another to his Harem.

Discovering Mysteries (BSB) - Howie & Stephanie, new love at it's finest, but what the hell is going on with Nick & Howie?

Forever Mine (BSB) - One Man - Two Loves.

Life Goes On (BSB) - The Sequel to A New Day. One Woman. Two Men. How far will one go to save the lives of the other two?

Passionate Kisses (BSB) - A magical star-filled night, the alluring sights and sounds of a carnival and the touch of a beautiful man all help Niki to fall hopelessly in love. A Howie short story.

Taking You Home (BSB) - Not fame, fortune, power, nor even the perfect love, could stop a tragedy that tore their world apart. It's been a year. It's time to come to terms with his death.

Tattoo You (BSB) - A chance encounter in little, dirty, SILVER staccato building can lead to something beautiful. A Howie short story.

That First Kiss (BSB) - She only planned on working for him for the summer and certainly never expected to find true love over a cherry popsicle. A Howie short story.

The Last Day (BSB) - A romantic short story. It's time for another tour and Michelle is dreading Howie's departure.

Valentine’s Day (BSB) - Two bisexual men, one woman. What more could you ask for on Valentine's Day?

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