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A Straight Tequila Night (NKOTB) - A friendly stranger in a bar just might turn Austin's life around. (August Challenge Story)

I Can Love You Like That (NKOTB) - Steph and Jordan want to just spend a quiet weekend at their cabin so why do their friend keep bothering them?

Ill Be Your King (NKOTB) - Joe breaks up with Mary because he feels he isn't good enough for her...can he admit it and get her back?

In Control (NKOTB) - She's in complete control and loving it.

Invisible Man (NKOTB) - Joe feels hes not good enough for Mary. Can their friends show him that hes wrong?

Just Want Your Love Tonight (NKOTB) - Joe and Melody have a very happy reunion. Something to remember for all time.

Kiss From A Rose (NKOTB) - When Abbie dies it devastates everyone . . . can Donnie & Andrea find what they need to move on.

Listen To Your Heart (NKOTB) - Did Donnie love Charlene enough to make it last?

Sometimes (NKOTB) - The rut their relationship had turned into had left her questioning more than a few things about them. Could he change her mind and help her see how deep his love for her really was?

Somewhere Out There (NKOTB) - The cabin was their place and after a breakup can two friends bring them back together?

Strip Poker (NKOTB) - See what happens during a simple card game

The Seduction (NKOTB) - Anticipation. She'd been waiting all day for the moment he walked through that front door.... Anything could happen. Anything does happen.

Valentine (NKOTB) - A loving walk and a fatal accident causes Mary to remember her love for Jordan.

Waterfall Wishes (NKOTB) - Will an accident in the past prevent memories to be able to be made in the future?

Whenever You Call (NKOTB) - When Mary wakes Jordan in the middle of the night he expects anything but what happens.

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