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And Then There Was A Girl (BSB) - In the beginning, there were five boys looking for their big break. In the middle there were five young men enjoying super stardom...somewhere else in the middle there were about 50 other young men also enjoying that super stardom. What makes the BSB so different from any other "boy band" ... it was then that...there was a girl.

Double The Trouble, Double The Tears (BSB) - Two beautiful girls unexpectedly enter AJ and Brian's life. Two beautiful girls who look exactly alike, but are completely opposites. The trials they bring to the boys' lives could definitely take their toll...will the be able to handle these girls when there are double the amount of trouble and double the amount of tears?

You Were Mine (BSB) - Mary Beth and Kevin Richardson have been married for ten years. Ten years of love, laughter, hard work, tears, and two beautiful children. After promising the world and his love to her at the young age of 28 and after ten years of keeping those promises, Mary Beth finds a world of hurt and destruction when Kevin leaves her for another women. He had promised to always be hers, and now that hes not, shes determined to show him what he let go....

Updated 01.27.02

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