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A Roll In The Hay (NSYNC) - Lance goes for a roll in the hay, literally.

Appreciating The Unappreciated (NSYNC) - JC and Lance help a friend's woman to feel more appreciated.

Benefits Of A Dare (NSYNC) - If your friend dared you to pick up Lance.....would you?

Bigger Bed (NSYNC) - JC enjoys a tumble in the sheets with his lady.

Captive (NSYNC) - What do you do if you are abducted?

Closet Fun (NSYNC) - Lance finds a way to add some fun to a Jive Party.

Closet Monster (NSYNC) - What if that elusive monster that hid in the closet was really Justin?

Closing Time (NSYNC) - JC gives Kimmie the ultimate fantasy at the end of the night.

Customer Service (NSYNC) - The last thing you want to do after a long day is be pleasant and offer customer service, but if it's with JC.....could it be bad?

Distracted (NSYNC) - Sometimes the only way to explain being late is being distracted.

Doctor (NSYNC) - Have you ever had an exam like this?

Donít Think Iím Not (NSYNC) - Sometimes acting on a Justin fantasy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Or...maybe not worth the consequences.

Fantasy (NSYNC) - What better way to spend the night then with about Joey AND Lance.

Good Morning (NSYNC) - Sometimes Justin is exactly what you need to have a good morning.

Helping A Stranger (NSYNC) - How can you possibly drive by Justin as he's stranded alongside a back road?

Hey Big Spender (NSYNC) - A new hobby entices a stranger....or is he?

Honey (NSYNC) - Honey and JC. Any questions?

I Bring You Love (NSYNC) - Falling for Lance can be SO wonderful.

In A New Light (NSYNC) - A JC twist on the falling-in-love-with-a-friend story.

In The Sunshine (NSYNC) - Is there anything better to do under the warm sunshine with Lance?

Keep Me Warm (NSYNC) - If it's cold outside, let JC keep you warm.

Mile High (NSYNC) - JC knows how to spice up a long flight.

My First Day With You (NSYNC) - A blind date gone GOOD.

Mystery Man (NSYNC) - Sometimes you get what you want.

Not That Innocent (NSYNC) - Chris and Lance help a girl out.

Officer Pinkie (NSYNC) - A sober Lance gets stopped.

Out With The Old (NSYNC) - JC wises up and ditches the useless Bobbee.

Pit Stop (NSYNC) - There are other things to do on a pit stop besides pee.

Shh! Theyíll Hear (NSYNC) - Lance gets a lil' freaky at JC's house.

Show Me (NSYNC) - Learning about sex and self-pleasure from Lance and JC.

Stress Relief (NSYNC) - What do you do with a stress Justin?

Three Fantasies (NSYNC) - JC's into role playing. Are you?

Wedding Cake (NSYNC) - Celebrating your first anniversary with JC and left-over cake.

Updated 12.10.04

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