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A Kentucky Wedding (BSB) - Kevin and Kelley meet at a wedding. Will they make it to happily-ever-after?

A Little Tenderness (BSB) - Being a mother and wife has become slightly boring and tedious . . can AJ help his wife out of her boredom?

A Wedding In Vegas (BSB) - Kelley isn't thrilled to be going to her father's wedding, but meeting BsB in the elevator really makes her day.

First Comes Love (BSB) - The sequel to "Happy Birthday To Me".

For Lara (BSB) - What happens when Nick shows up on Lara’s doorstep soaking wet.

Happy Birthday To Me (BSB) - Kelley's having a horrible day...until she bumps into Nick.

Just A Glance (BSB) - A simple outing to the movies turns into so much more.

Stress Relief (BSB) - Lisa had a tough day at work … maybe Kevin can relieve her stress.

Teacher’s Pet (BSB) - Lara begins teaching a creative writing class...but ends up being taught by one of her students

Tempted (BSB) - The ultimate question in life . . . good or bad?!

The End (BSB) - The sequel to "First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage". After Nick leaves, Kelley ends up falling for a friend who helps find her happily ever after.

The Situation .... My Turn (BSB) - It's Kelley, AJ and Howie's turn ...

Unraveling (BSB) - Eerie dreams and taunting lead to much more than anyone can foresee.

Updated 10.22.00

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