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Absence Of The Heart (NKOTB) - Walls have slowly been building between Kasey and Jordan...can they talk things through or will things change overnight?

Angels (NKOTB) - Jordan lost the girl he loved before he could tell her how he felt...and now he's unable to get over her.

Arms Of An Angel (NKOTB) - After his wife and daughter die Jordan takes a downward spiral.

Burn For You (NKOTB) - Celeste has sat by patiently while Jordan is away getting things together for his CD and tour...but she's not going to sit around anymore.

By My Side (NKOTB) - Joe drove Alison out of his it too late for him to convince her of his mistake?

Every Now And Then (NKOTB) - Jordan no longer has Kasey, but he is reminded of her all the time.

Forbidden Love (NKOTB) - Kasey is in love with Jordan...who's married. Will their forbidden love turn into something real, or is she destined to be alone?

Guilty (NKOTB) - Jordan and Kasey's marriage is all but finished...can a freak accident help bring them back together?

I Learned From The Best (NKOTB) - Jordan cheated on Kyra with his best friend's wife and now he's afraid he's lost her his best friend.

Never Take The Place (NKOTB) - Left alone and pregnant, Kasey meets Jordan but can he take her ex’s place?

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NKOTB) - Witness to a murder, Kasey is placed in the care of a police officer, but can he keep her safe?

Part Of Me (NKOTB) - Jordan lived in a town he hated and was married to a woman he loved, but he dreamed of the town he left and the woman there that occupied his memories.

Promise Me Forever (NKOTB) - Kasey’s husband & child are both lost on the same day and falling in love again is furthest from her mind, but what happens when love shows up in the form of her husband’s best friend.

Queen of Hollywood (NKOTB) - Mara’s dreams of making it big are not quite what reality turned out to be.

Secrets (NKOTB) - Being dumped on your wedding day is one thing, finding out your best friend has feelings for you proves to be even more difficult.

She’s Gonna Make It (NKOTB) - Jordan broke up with Kasey seven months ago and it sting when he sees that she’s taking it better than he thought.

Someway, Somehow (NKOTB) - Jordan shows up at Kasey’s book signing uninvited.

That `Ol Wind (NKOTB) - Kasey has a secret that she’s kept for ten years from Jordan. He’s back in town for one night only, should she tell him or not?

To Love Again (NKOTB) - After his girlfriend dies Jordan is unsure about finding a new love.

Was It Something I Didn't Say (NKOTB) - After Jhana leaves Joe wonder if he should have said something different and if she’ll ever come back.

Which One Of Them (NKOTB) - When your girlfriend leaves you for your best friend, is there a way to move on?

You Were Mine (NKOTB) - What happens when someone comes between a five year marriage?

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