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Broken Vow (NSYNC) - Justin loved Cassie and Cassie loved Justin. Now they are divorced. What brought about this Broken Vow?

Paris (NSYNC) - It is in the City of Lights that JC meets the girl of his dreams. There is the usual romance, intrigue, betrayal and redemption, but there's an added twist - a Holocaust survivor.

Taking A Break! Still?! (NSYNC) - *Nsync has been taking a break for over "four" years now. What could possibly bring them back together?

The Only Gift (NSYNC) - Samantha Harrison is a successful writer and living in Los Angeles. Lance Bass is of course 1/5 of *Nsync. Although they have been "friends" since first grade they haven't seen each other in 7 years. Will this be the year they find the only gift they need is.....?

Updated 10.31.04

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