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Afternoon Desire (NSYNC) - Lance and his new wife Dana enjoy an afternoon of freedom after a rough day.

At First Sight (NSYNC) - Jessica and Meredith have been friends for years. They go to college together. One day, they meet the perfect men for them.

Because Of A Girl (NSYNC) - Sometimes even your best friends don't know everything about you.

Bed Of Roses (NSYNC) - Sequel to War of the Roses. After months of fighting, Jenna and Lance finally have the chance to be together. Everyone says they're happy and in all honesty, they would say the same. But, is the fast pace of their relationship going to keep them together or just make things worse than before?

Burned (NSYNC) - Sometimes heartbreak will keep you from telling the ones you love how you feel.

Champagne High (NSYNC) - Chris can't seem to handle the fact that his best friend is moving on, without him.

Closing Surprise (NSYNC) - Sara just wanted to clean her store and go home, but the noise in the back could put a nix to that simple plan.

Correspondence (NSYNC) - NSync takes a year off, so Lance decides to go to college like a normal person. Can he handle college life?

Finally (NSYNC) - Even after all this time, that one question can be so sweet.

Formation (NSYNC) - The new choreographer for NSync is a tyrant. So why does JC keep defending her?

Friends (NSYNC) - Lance invites his best friend and her roommate to the last concert of the tour.

I Love You, But I Donít Trust You Anymore (NSYNC) - JC and Bobbie hit the end of their relationship.

Intervention (NSYNC) - Going on this tour was his idea. So why is he ignoring me? We just need a little friendly intervention.

Misplaced Anger (NSYNC) - Justin takes out his pent up anger, but it's not on his intended target.

Mistake (NSYNC) - Kristen and Lance seem to have a great relationship. But dinner with an ex can screw it all up. Will they be able to get past this?

99 Bottles Of Beer (NSYNC) - Ever had trouble understanding the words to an NSync song? Sometimes, even the guys don't know their own words.

The Babysitter (NSYNC) - The Fatone's have found the best babysitter. But when Lance meets her, will he take her away?

Thermometer (NSYNC) - Joey is just being a good father and picking up some groceries for his daughter. But then he hears a sound. There are times that even the biggest star can be a great guy.

War Of The Roses (NSYNC) - She left family and friends for a perfect job. But what could have been the perfect relationship hit a speed bump and now Lance and Jenna just have to try to get through each day without killing each other. Sometimes it takes heartache to bring people together.

Who Are You? (NSYNC) - Chris is home for a visit. He wants to pick up his sister, Taylor, at school. While he's doing his brotherly duty, he meets Taylor's teacher, Ms. Philips.

Updated 12.05.03

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