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Dessert First Please! (NSYNC) - Lanceís girlfriend plans a romantic evening for two that ends up satisfying more than just their appetites for food.

Just For One Night (NSYNC) - Chris tries to melt a woman who freezes most men out. Can he get her to warm up for just one night?

Love In An Elevator (NSYNC) - Gina wins the prize of a lifetime, one night with NSYNC members Justin and JC. Sheís in for the ride of her life.

Missing You (NSYNC) - Justinís wife has been gone for a few weeks and he makes plans to show her just how much he misses her.

Moving On (NSYNC) - Kate has just broken off a difficult relationship and isnít sure if she can love again. Can she move on with JC?

Sex On The Beach (NSYNC) - Justin and Abby both have surprises in store for them when they vacation to a private island.

Updated 05.10.03

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