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Open Interviews



Iíve decided since Iím so busy and I donít have time to go out searching for new stories and authors Iím going to hopefully have them come to me.Iím doing something Iíve never done since Iíve opened the site.Iím letting people submit stories to me to be hosted.


Here are the rules because there has to be some rules:


1:The story has to be complete.If youíve ever surfed the site I only host finished stories, with the exception of Lara.


2:The story must feature one of the five band mentioned on the site.I will not host a Britney story.


3:Spell check is your friend.Use it before you send me your story.Iím not here for editing.


4:Donít submit a stolen story.How will I know?I wonít, but Iíll guarantee that someone else will pick up on it quickly.Also, I do read quite a bit of fiction and if itís a good story, Iíve probably read it.


5:Send story as a word document or in a html email.I donít want to be reading a bunch of mess.It will just detract me from the story.If the story is on a site, send me the link.Iíll go and read it there.


6:Donít bug me with emails.I am busy and have no clue how many people are going to respond to this.Bugging me wonít be a good idea.


Email the story and Good Luck!