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Icicle Tears (BSB) - Nick's girlfriend of three years leaves him and he turns to his best friend Liz for comfort.

Remember Me This Way (NSYNC) - Gabriella and JC get a shocking surprise and this tells what happens to the two of them.

The Day I Met You (BSB) - Josefine wins an appearance on FANatic and meets the Backstreet Boys. Her life changes when her and AJ engage in a drinking game. What happens when she walks back into AJ's life with a new addition?

The Nightmare Continues (BSB) - The Sequel to Welcome to My Nightmare. Was Nick really dreaming or did everything really happen? This explains it all.

Torn (BSB) - The emotional story of Cassandra when she meets her dream man.

Welcome To My Nightmare (BSB) - This one is about both Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson. Maggie and Kevin go way back and Maggie walks back into Kevin's life and changes Nick's forever.

Updated 12.15.01

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