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Bodyguard (NSYNC) - Erin Kinsela is a born and raised Floridian who finds out how hard being a woman in the police force is. She gets the chance of a lifetime to play bodyguard to a boyband named NSYNC and jumps at it. What she doesn't know when she joins the tour is that an old friend from school is also on the tour. Danger and Romance are soon to follow.

From This Moment On (NSYNC) - Alexandra Larson starts her freshman year at University of Florida, only to find herself in a stage production major where she already knows everything and looking for a new challenge. That challenge arrives as the harness crew for Sailing keeps screwing up and dropping the guys. U of F is the only drama dept close enough with people that know how to use the stage contraption and Alex is elected to go on tour with them. Will she find love or will someone make her life even lonelier than before?

Happiness Is (NSYNC) - Dolphin's Cry is a brand new band that's opening for NSYNC's brand new world tour called No Strings Attached. It's an all girl band with Kat on lead vocals and lead guitar, Dani on bass and Taylor on drums. About a month into the tour, the guys still haven't been able to become friends with these three mysterious females and when a depressing letter from an anonymous sender is received addressed to all five guys... will the letter bring them closer to the girls or will it drive them farther apart?

It Could Happen (NSYNC) - The story is about five girls who meet up with NSYNC through the course of the story and about their trials and tribulations as their friendship changes to love.

Remember Me (NSYNC) - Stephanie Kingsley is hired by JIVE Records as the new recording engineer when the spot opens up to work on a new group's album. She jumps at the chance but what she doesn't know is that an *old* friend is one of the musicians. Will they ever find some common ground and find a way to get along or will the two be destined to constantly meet in random meetings while hating yet intrigued with the other?

Updated 03.16.02

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