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Ainít Nothing But A Heartache (BSB) - At a point when her career as a songwriter was going nowhere but up, Jeanie Kirkpatrick left Los Angeles and moved home to Dallas. She deliberately isolated herself and was perfectly happy with mediocre success. Little did Jeanie Kirkpatrick realize on that chilly February night, The Backstreet Boys would be dragging her right along for the ride.

Broken Promises And Lies (BSB) - Growing up in New Jersey, Lindsay Connings dreamed of someday being a star. She studied voice, studied acting...did whatever she could to get out of Jersey and into the big time. Her break came one lonely night after she'd been stood up. She'd played a love song over and over that night...a bittersweet love song called, "The Love I Never Had." Thanks to Jeanie Kirkpatrick, Lindsay was a star and she had the gold and platinum records to prove it. And through Jeanie, she met the man of her dreams...A.J. McLean.

Edge Of Your Heart (BSB) - It was a good day for a wedding. That is, unless your name was Nick Carter. The woman he loved was marrying one of his best friends. A man who had cheated on her and used her, but now professed his love and wanted to live happily ever after.

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