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Big Stupid Bully (NSYNC) - Joey's in high school, his brother is a big stupid bully, and tests suck ass.

Canít Help Myself (NSYNC) - This was for CJ, happy birthday, girl!

Capre Diem (NSYNC) - The night before Joey's birthday, Lance wants to give him something sweet and tasty.

Cellophane & Argentina (NSYNC) - JC and Joey, in the limo, with chocolate, someone's being stubborn.

Chris The Crocodile Hunter (NSYNC) - umm ... can't think of a summary, but it's like ... ummm ... yeah.

Cold Inside (NSYNC) - Chris does something very wrong.

Easy (NSYNC) - Some things are just that easy. This was a b-day fic for Rache, mwah :)

Friends Of Mine (NSYNC) - Joey goes through fan mail.

Hurricane Joey (NSYNC) - Chris and Joey, stuck inside, someone's claustrophobic.

Jack (NSYNC) - Joey's in one of those moods.

The Best Man (NSYNC) - Chris and Joey make a bet. May the best man win.

The Sound Of Your Voice (NSYNC) - "This is Joey, leave a message and I'll get back to ya."

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