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A Room With A View (NSYNC) - What would you do if you thought no one was watching?

Cinderella (NSYNC) - Cindy realizes she's just a slave to Lance. She has to make some changes in her life.

Faithfully (NSYNC) - Life on the road is killing Lance. The guys give him a special gift.

I Just Wanna Be With You (NSYNC) - Cindy works for her best friend, Chris. One day things get personal. Can this be true love, or is someone else waiting to carry her away?

I Turn To You (NSYNC) - Cindy is dealing with a crisis situation with her sick daughter. Lance walks into her life. Will she push him away, or can he save her from the pain?

Iíll Take That Bet (NSYNC) - Cindy makes a bet with JC. Lance is the prize. The bet doesn't go as planned. Who really wins these things anyway?

Irresistible (NSYNC) - Lance takes a break from rehearsing and runs into someone. Up close and personal their dance gets hot.

Jury Duty (NSYNC) - Sidney gets a jury summons. What happens when Lance is the defendant?

Just A Fantasy (NSYNC) - Lara tells JC her fantasy, but JC has one of his own. (Slash)

Last Call (NSYNC) - Lance is a regular in the bar where Erin works. What is he up to? Will she ever get to find out?

Life Is Good (NSYNC) - Contribution to the January Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

My December (NSYNC) - Lance remembers when it all went wrong...

Rope Burn (NSYNC) - Ashley gets an unexpected visit from her fantasy man.

Shake Me (NSYNC) - Lance gets his groove on...

Southern Skies (NSYNC) - Period story set in the Old South prior to the Civil War. The beautiful, yet fiery Lynette DuChiene has everything money can buy and the love of a good man. When she is sold into a marriage contract with someone she doesn't know by her father, her world is turned upside down.

Updated 07.22.02

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