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Sweet Consequences (BSB) - When Life throws you a with it!

24 Hours (BSB) - A normal girl...a famous guy...24 many possibilities!

Winning At All Costs (BSB) - It's the 2002 Winter Olympics and Howie has been chosen to be a relay in the Olympic torch carry. Since the Backtreet Boys are on a break they accompany him to Salt Lake City, Utah. Bored and cold Nick decides to attend the Women's Downhill skiing event. He can't believe his eyes, it's like a whole other world. These women are so strong and go so fast. It makes what he does for a living seem simple, even easy. Then he sees her and she takes his breath away. Yes, Ava Kessler is beautiful but to her that doesn't matter. Her sole goal in life is simple, to be the best downhiller in the world. Her life consists of one thing: racing and nothing else. Everything else would be a distraction. Is Nick finally out of his league or has he found something or someone worth fighting for...

Updated 05.17.03

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