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All My Life I Knew You Were The One (98) - Nick and Savannah have second thoughts about being together

Angel Of Mine (98) - Drew realizes that hes in love with his best friend.

Blessed (98) - Jeff is getting married and starts to have cold feet, but with the help of his friends, he stays calm.

Every Word I Say Is True (98) - First time for love.

How Do I Live Without You (98) - Isabelle loses her husband in a car accident. Having to go through the pain of realizing that hes no longer alive. But she hears the voice that she loved so much. He comes to her. She thinks shes dreaming.

I Cant Believe Its Over (98) - Jeff and his girlfriend break up.

Ill Never Stop (98) - Carla fines out that shes pregnant. And starts to worry if Jeff will leave her when she tells him the news. She has a little flash forward to what she thinks he will react. After that thought, she slowly starts pushing him away. And Jeff is concerned.

My Everything (98) - Somewhat based on the song My Everything by Keith Urban. Gotta read it to find out what its about

Lets Make Love (98) - Nick and his girlfriend express their love for each other.

The Letter (98) - Drew fines a letter from his girlfriend Cassie on why she left him.

The News (98) - Drew finally sees Cassie after a year and a half went by. He fines out why she left him.

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